Reduced ozone alert bus fares now available

Courtesy MidAmerica Regional Council.

Courtesy MidAmerica Regional Council.

The bus service is reminding riders that bus fares are reduced during Ozone Alert days in June through September.

On days when there is a high concentration of ground-level pollution, fares are reduced to 75 cents on most routes offered by RideKC. The reduced fares will be available regionally on local and express routes served by in KCATA, Johnson County Transit, Unified Government Transit and IndeBus.

According to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, riding the bus on Ozone Alert days can help cut auto emissions, which are a major contributor to ground-level ozone.

“Ozone’s harmful effects can include eye, nose and throat irritation; chest pain; coughing; nausea; and headaches. Ozone can also trigger asthma attacks, permanently damaging a person’s lungs. Many people are sensitive to ozone, especially while being active outdoors. Children, senior citizens, those working or playing outdoors, and people with respiratory disease are at a higher risk from ozone exposure,” the KCATA said in a press release.


  • Ozone Alert days are noted on many buses’ overhead signs. They are also broadcast by local media outlets. The ozone forecast is available at (913) 383-7557, at, on at @airqkc, and most local weather forecasts.

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