Recent increase in home burglaries in Midtown

burglary-areaThe police report they’ve seen an increase in burglaries from Linwood to Brush Creek, from Troost to State Line in the past month.

Officer Jim Schriever has sent out some tips to help you protect your home. Here they are:

  • If someone or something in your neighborhood looks suspicious, call it in to 911 or the Non-Emergency Number at816-234-5111. Also remember that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are not an alternative to calling to report suspicious activity. We try to stay connected on the social media sites, but due to workload, assignments, days off, we can’t monitor them at all times and should not be considered an alternative to requesting police services.
  • Consider purchasing a digital camera. Even though I’m prohibited from endorsing a specific product or company, and this should not be considered an endorsement for this company, I believe I have an obligation to make our community aware of a product that can increase their safety and potentially prevent a home burglary. Almost daily I speak to a community member who has been the victim of a home burglary and often asked what a homeowner can do to “harden their target.” Partners, crime prevention does not to be costly. I receive many comments that cost is a factor especially when it comes to installing video cameras. Again this is not an endorsement but I recently purchased an 8 camera digital system from Costco for $399.00. It was basic plug and play installation and the cameras are digital with night vision capabilities. This system also has the capabilities to be monitored from my cell phone when I am away. Within a month of installing the camera, I captured multiple images of the subjects who were casing houses, pretending to be selling cleaning products. One subject hid around the corner, while the other subject knocked on my door and ran down the stairs.
  • Be careful what you put on the curb or leave in your car. Also with the holidays, many have treated themselves or received many gifts including expensive electronics. But please remember, the criminals are “shopping” as well. Their “shopping” involves looking into vehicles to see if items of value are left in plain view or covered up as well as “shopping” curbside recycling bins looking for those who have received new electronic items and other items of value. Even though I fully support the trash amnesty day after Christmas, as I drove through my neighborhood, I observed many of my neighbors putting their homes at risk by placing their electronic cartons and packaging on the curb. Remember, many are also cruising neighborhoods looking into windows for those who are showing off their monster screen TV by leaving curtains open or mounting on walls that can be viewed from the street. This curbside “shopping” takes the guesswork out of breaking in as you have just told the world about that new electronic device inside. Look at it as you have just posted a large neon sign to attract and tempt that criminal element. Utilize neighborhood recycling centers to drop off packaging for electronics or items of value and have a plan on where to mount that TV so it cannot be viewed from the street. Also use blinds and curtains to restrict the view from the street.
  • Track online deliveries. Also with the growing popularity of purchasing items online, criminals are also “shopping” from porches and doorsteps. If you are ordering gifts, please ask for a tracking number from the shipping company so the package can be tracked. On its arrival date, please take inside ASAP or make arrangements to have a trusted friend, neighbor or family member pick up the package.
  • Check out this link for a crime prevention product and again is in no way an endorsement. 
  • Tips from the Kansas City Police Department on how to secure your home.

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