Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (March 23-30, 2014)

state-of-the-city-2014Last week in Midtown Kansas City, we brought you stories about gun control policy, streetcar extension plans in Midtown, and how to read the real estate statistics.

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The mayor gave his annual State of the City address in a new venue, a high school, saying he wanted to address the young people who would be leading the city in the future.

At city hall, plans for extending the downtown streetcar starter line dominated the discussion. A consulting team recommended three routes including two in Midtown: Main Street and Linwood Boulevard. The city council heard that streetcar expansion was expected to increase transit ridership overall. On Thursday, the city council approved the expansion proposal.

The mayor visited the Central Exchange on Thursday to release the city’s blueprint for women’s empowerment, the first of its kind in the nation. Mayor James and Police Chief Darryl Forte also launched an effort to change state gun law.

And our real estate experts offered some advice on what statistics mean and how you can use them to buy or sell.

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