Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (June 23-June 29)

Photo courtesy James Gleason

Photo courtesy James Gleason

Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about opposition to a proposed QuikTrip site, the overcrowded animal shelter, and the history of Armour Boulevard.

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Opponents of a proposed QuikTrip at 33rd and Southwest Trafficway, representing the Valentine, Volker, Coleman Highlands and Roanoke neighborhoods, delivered more than 1000 petition signatures to city hall on Friday.

We reported on several issues coming out of city hall, including the increase in the number of people getting traffic tickets. A proposed change would open up more jobs to felons, and the city may allow sale of locally-produced wine at the city market.

The city also asked for help identifying laws that are on the books, but perhaps don’t make sense any longer.

The animal shelter is full, and the operators launched an adoption drive early, hoping to alleviate some of the overcrowding.

In Midtown history, we brought you a look back at the day when Armour Boulevard was covered with mansions.

The Nelson-Atkins unveiled an ancient Indian shrine that has never been on display to the public before.

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