Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (July 7-July 13)

faxon-school Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories the proposed state transportation tax, the final report on a proposed new airport, and the history of Electric Park at 46th and the Paseo.

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A state commission last week listed more than $875 million Kansas City area projects to fund with a transportation tax – including almost $144 million for the proposed streetcar extension. The city also discussed a new program for neighborhood cleanup and beautification. And the KCI advisory group co-chairs gave the city council the group’s written report and hit rough air on the group’s call to build a new airport.

A plan to convert the former Faxon elementary school to senior housing is moving forward, city officials reported Tuesday.

In Midtown history, we took a look back at Electric Park, known as Kansas City’s Coney Island at the turn of the century. We also found out why the park did not sell beer, even though it was built by the Heim beer brewing family.

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