Recap: last week in Midtown Kansas City (Jan. 4 – Jan. 11)

The Troostwood Pharmacy served the surrounding apartments and residences in the 1940s.

The Troostwood Pharmacy served the surrounding apartments and residences in the 1940s.

Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about Midtown robberies, new Midtown schools, and the history of the Troostwood neighborhood.

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A major announcement about funding for new Midtown Schools came last week, with three philanthropic organizations giving $2.65 million dollars to schools set to open in 2016.

The police reported they’ve seen an increase in burglaries from Linwood to Brush Creek, from Troost to State Line in the past month and offered some tips for crime prevention. Meanwhile, a Kansas City man who robbed a Midtown wireless store with a big revolver and the words “you know what time it is” was charged by county prosecutors.

The Kansas City No Violence Alliance reported Kansas City finished 2014 with 77 homicides – the lowest number in 42 years, but police believe they can do better. Also last year, the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline led to 163 arrests, 227 cases cleared, and six solved homicides.

At city hall, the city asked for input into a replacement for Councilman Michael Brooks, who resigned recently. The city council public safety committee also advanced an ordinance that would allow microbreweries and wineries to give free drinks.

In our Monday morning history feature, we highlighted a block in the Troostwood neighborhood as it looked in 1940 and asked for helping in recording history about the people and businesses from this block.

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