Recap: last week in Midtown Kansas City (Jan. 18 – Jan. 25)

st-pats-run-1Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about the cost of race events in Midtown, expanding jobs at the Federal Reserve, and the history of South Hyde Park.

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At city hall, the council moved to make holding races and runs in the city more expensive. The council debated what to do with money it borrowed for streetcar expansion before voters rejected those plans. And the council got an update on talks about the future of KCI.

The parks department announced plans to create development standards for the first time and offered the public a chance for input.

The Jackson County prosecutor called the child victim rate alarming and urged the community to fight harder to protect children. Since the NoVA crime deterrence effort began about two years ago, they have logged more than 1,662 referrals to things like drug treatment, job and life skills training and literacy operations.

The Federal Reserve said it will expand its workforce by as many as 200 technology professionals over the next three years and invited potential employees to an open house.

Our real estate experts explained Tuesday Tour and what it means to buyers and sellers.

In our Monday history tour, we took you to a 1940 South Hyde Park and asked for your memories of that area.

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