Recap: last week in Midtown Kansas City (Feb. 15- Feb. 22)

IMG_3772Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about changes at the bus system, amended laws on using remote car starters, and the history of the Valentine neighborhood.

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The Kansas City bus system got a new head – and the appointment of former Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Joe Readon signals the agency’s interest in moving toward a regional transit service.

In response to citizens, the city council amended a city law against people leaving their cars running to get warm in winter to allow for the use of remote starters.

And the Kansas City Police Department is now allowing people involved in a car crash to get their accident report online, instead of going to a police station as they had to do in the past.

Our real estate experts offered some great tips on when to call a contractor to make sure your house is ready to sell.

For our Monday Uncovering History feature, we looked at the history of the 3500 block of Pennsylvania in the Valentine neighborhood, and the houses that existed in 1940.

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