Recap: last week in Midtown Kansas City

Grocery store at 39th and ProspectLast week in Midtown Kansas City, the Midtown KC Post reported on a new grocery store at 39th and Prospect, an advisory committee being formed to discuss streetcar expansion on the Country Club Right-of-Way, and a new report on the JJ’s Restaurant explosion.

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Midtown prepared for and dealt with a major snowstorm, with the Missouri Department of Transportation taking the unusual step of suggesting employers offer their workers a snow day on Tuesday.

Shoppers poured into a new grocery store at 39th and Prospect, an area of the city that had been described as a food dessert.

As discussion of an expanded streetcar system continued, the mayor said he would appoint an advisory committee to help plan for a possible expansion route along the Country Club Right-of-Way.

A new state report on the JJ’s explosion faulted the gas company saying workers did not act quickly enough to evaluate a gas leak and protect life and property.

And the city council cleared the way for the start of a discounted taxi service to serve the elderly or visually impaired.

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