Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (June 28 – July 5)


In the Valentine neighborhood, Uncle Sam (a.k.a. Bob Magaha) welcomed guests such as City Council representative Jan Marcason to the annual 4th of July parade and picnic.

Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about streetcar progress, the Whole Foods project, and the history of the Manheim Park neighborhood.

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The city council got an update on the downtown streetcar project, hearing that it is on schedule, under budget and will be running early next year.

The Whole Foods project at 51st and Oak moved forward at city hall, getting approval for a CID (community improvement district) that will help fund public improvements.

A bitter zoning fight over plans for religious student apartments on Troost Avenue resurfaced and was continued by a city council committee that wants to hear from the Catholic diocese and others.

And the growing number of vape shops in the city would face more scrutiny under a city proposal.

Our Monday Uncovering History feature took a look back at the block around the Bancroft School in the Manheim Park neighborhood, and we heard from several neighbors who remembered how the area used to be.

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