Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (Jan. 17– Jan. 24)


A Corbin Park home in 1940.

A Corbin Park home in 1940.

Last week, the Midtown KC Post brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about historic buildings on the Plaza, a new idea for fighting violent crime, and the history of the Plaza Westport neighborhood.

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At city hall, the council declined to put three Nelle Peters-designed apartments on the historic register, leaving them open for demolition.

Police Chief Darryl Forte continued his call to combat violent crime by demolishing vacant buildings, eliminating strewn trash and more.

The Kansas City School Board chose a new superintendent.

Our real estate experts analyzed the past year in real estate and what it means to buyers and sellers.

Our Monday history feature took us to the Plaza Westport neighborhood, where an early developer found a way to help working class people buy homes.

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