Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (Feb. 7 – Feb. 14)

Ride-KC-Bridj-Transit-side-viewLast week, the Midtown KC Post brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about a new plan for vacant properties, a new form of local transportation being tested in Midtown, and the history of Drexel Hall at Linwood and Baltimore.

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Many readers were excited by the news that Midtown will be part of a pilot program testing the effectiveness of microtransit to get people to work and housing.

The city manager and mayor revealed a new plan to deal with vacant properties by letting people fix them up and live in them.

In the ongoing push to raise the minimum wage, low-wage workers flooded the election board where they registered to vote.

The Irish Center discussed plans to move to Drexel Hall at Linwood and Baltimore, the center of an area once filled with Irish immigrants.

In our Monday history feature, we delved into the history of Drexel Hall, built by a shrewd businesswoman and the site of much local history.

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