Real estate tips: Investing in Community

Midtown Kansas City real estate marketsponsored post by Lauren Hruby and Scott DeVouton

Investment in Kansas City and your neighborhood helps everyone.  It makes a more knowledgeable, safe and engaging place to live.  It helps keep neighborhoods and property values strong.  It helps make Kansas City a vibrant town.

Community investment can come in many forms.  Your capital is time, energy, curiosity, and genuine concern and care for your neighbors.  Jane Jacobs often wrote of the value of neighbors connected by small acts.  There are lots of ways to invest.

Visit Community Events.  There is something happening in Kansas City all the time.  Whether it’s a parade, a festival, a concert, a class or a city council meeting, every interaction helps build a physical connection to the community.

Stay on Top of Developments.  There is always something hopping politically in Kansas City.  Right now, it’s the streetcar issue, but there is a constant flow.  Read local news, ask questions and dig deeper if you want.  Attend public meetings.  We are in the instant information age, and it’s easy to at least follow major developments.  Knowledge is power.

Stay Connected.  Whether it’s a neighborhood association, a book club or a kickball team, there are many ways to be part of the buzz.  Online social networks are also great for sharing information and staying on top of timely news and emergency notices.  Customize your Twitter feed to show local info trends.

Know Your Neighbors.  You don’t have to go on vacations and weddings with your neighbors, but it’s good to say hello and offer help if needed.  Most neighbors will talk about neighborhood events, like big trash day or a yard sale, and some will indeed develop lifelong friendships.  Connected neighbors make neighborhoods safer, more fun and ultimately stronger.

Volunteer.  If you are searching for a more involved connection with our community, there are lots of ways to volunteer.  The city, local schools, churches and the art community all have plentiful ways to donate time and energy.  This is also a great way to achieve the goals already mentioned.

Donate.  A recent visit to Kansas City’s Fountain Day festivities reminded us of the many public/private partnerships around town.  Kansas City’s more than 200 fountains are possible in part because of the generosity of private citizens.  Cash and in-kind donations can be directed in whatever direction you want.

A connected and invested community is a better community.  In real estate, this means higher and more consistent home values, better schools and a better economy.  When looking at your own home, see community investment as an investment in your own home and family.  All of this pays when listing your home or looking to buy.

Investing in community helps everyone, and ultimately can give Kansas City the edge we all want it to have.

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