Real Estate Tip: The Right Match

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Dear Lauren,

After years of hard work and self-discovery, I’m ready for a new relationship.  I want the perfect fit, but who doesn’t?  There are so many choices, and I’m only one person!  Please help.


At Home in KC

Midtown Kansas City real estate marketHello, KC!  Wow, your question is so timely.  I just helped a friend with this exact situation!  As with any relationship, you have to ask:  What do you want from your housing?  The answer isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Choosing among housing options is much like choosing what kind of personal relationships you have in your life.

Beyond shelter, safety and how much you can afford, questions about housing can send you in many directions.  How much time do you have and want to dedicate to the relationship?  How much money do have available and want to spend on monthly and annual maintenance?

Answering these basic questions will help you avoid getting in over your head.  An older home, for example, will usually cost more to fix and maintain.  A newer home may come with a monthly HOA or condo association fee.  Your time is a similar commodity that will be used more or less, depending on yard size, provided maintenance and required repair.

Similarly, are you looking for a long-term or short-term relationship? You may be ready to take the plunge now.  If you can afford it, you can maintain it, and you know you probably won’t move for a while, there are lots of homes on the market right now.  You may want to take things slowly, and rent while the future develops. If you have some things up in the air, you want a better financial cushion, and you’re open to relocation or extended travel, there will also be homes on the market in the future.  Maintaining a healthy perspective will help you know when you’re ready, willing and able to buy.

Will you be acting with your head or your heart?  Sometimes, the perfect place is available and affordable, regardless of some practical imperfections.  Sometimes you have to keep looking because, bless its heart, the home of your dreams would would drain your time and resources.  Sometimes you just want something that will retain its value and possibly grow some equity over time.  Know what you’re getting yourself into, and be prepared to be on board with the decision for the long haul.

Of course, we all know that life sometimes helps us make decisions.  Having kids, getting a promotion, caring for an elderly relative, and celebrating a child’s college graduation are all examples of life events that steer your housing decisions.  Embrace them and fear not.  If you’ve thought through what we’ve talked about already, you’ll be in a good spot.

At this point, you’re ready to hit the market.  You may already know where you’ll be, or at least what kind of home you’re looking for.  Or you may want to explore a little.  Have fun with it!  There are open houses every weekend, and you can look at homes online any time.  Your realtor is also a rich source of information and the best matchmaker around, in my humble opinion.

So get out there!  Meet some homes, have fun, and be yourself!  Whether you’re into single-family neighborhoods, mixed-use districts or downtown high-rises, I know you’ll find your match.  Kansas City has something for everyone!

Lauren and Scott are with Lauren Hruby Real Estate, Keller Williams Realty Key Partners, LLC.  They work with people looking to sell or buy a home in the Kansas City area.  For more information, visit or call 816-529-6174.

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