Real estate tip: Listing now or later

lauren-and-scottsponsored post by Lauren Hruby and Scott DeVouton

You may be one of many people figuring out whether to list your home now or next year. After all, the Kansas City market appears to have bounced back, limited in 2014 mainly by lack of inventory. Equity is once again a realistic word for a growing number of Kansas Citians.

If your home is ready to list and you want to sell in 2014, it’s important to act quickly. Buyers are still out there, and the weather is still great for showing. But soon the holidays will be upon us, along with winter weather. If you’ve already cleaned and staged your home, you and your agent can get things listed relatively quickly.

For some, it may make sense to wait until 2015 to list. If this is your case, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Look to list in the spring or early summer of 2015. Make an inventory of things to fix, maintain and clean. Figure out a budget, then determine what you can tackle and what you might want to contract out.

Some of our clients get a pre-listing inspection, then compile a list of repairs per the inspection. This is a wise tactic if it’s possible in your situation. The idea is that you and possible buyers will have a thorough knowledge of your home. If you’ve made recommended repairs, your market value could also increase. Finally, pre-listing inspections and repairs can help buyer negotiations run more smoothly, as there is less to haggle over.

Whether or not you get a pre-inspection, you may decide to hire a trade contractor to help fix things. This is a good call in a lot of situations, and the schedule could work in your favor. Many contractors have been very busy the last few months, and projects will start to come to an end this fall. If you find the right person for the job, you’re more likely to fit into their schedule over the next few months.

If you decide to do it yourself, budget enough time to complete your task list on schedule. Or, delegate a project or two to a contractor while you tackle the rest. The important thing is to finish your list with enough time to clean and stage your home.

Now would also be a great time to have a coffee with your realtor. Before investing in wasted upgrades or a remodel, it’s important to know your current and possible market value.  Your realtor can also help find a contractor in just about any trade you need. We always appreciate the ability to help early in the game. We also find that proactivity helps sell a home faster and at a higher price.

Whether you list now or wait until 2015, the big picture will guide your next few months. Everything we’ve written about here points to being able to anticipate the sale of your home. Navigating your experience now can make life easier as you present your home to the market.

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