RAMP home repair program extended to Longfellow neighborhood

Photos courtesy Westside Housing.

Photos courtesy Westside Housing.

Homeowners in the Longfellow neighborhood are now eligible for the RAMP program, which helps homeowners afford home repairs.

The Westside Housing Organization, which administers the RAMP (Rehabilitation Assistance for Midtown Properties) program, says loans/grants for qualified families continue to be available in Beacon Hill, Squire Park, Manheim Park and other parts of Midtown. The program has now been extended to include Longfellow.

RAMP stands for Rehabilitation Assistance for Midtown Properties and is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Its goal is to stabilize neighborhoods by rehabilitating homes.

Westside Housing says RAMP requires owners to maintain residency after the grant for five years, and the loan/grant funds are written off 20 percent per year for five years.


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