Push to build more little free libraries across Midtown

little-library-2The Little Free Library project is gearing up for a big day of library building on Saturday, May 17.

We first told you about the Little Free Library movement last December, when organizers began getting started locally.

Little Free Libraries are basically small structures that look a little like birdhouses. They’re put out on the streets and in people’s yards on poles, and stocked with free books that anyone can borrow and then return.

Nationally, the Little Free Library movement started in 2009 and has spread rapidly. In Kansas City, local organizer Leslie Scott held a meeting last year and folks in Valentine, Squire Park and Hyde Park started their library building projects.

Scott hopes the build day in May will spur even more building. She’s now working with the Urban Neighborhood Initiative to help people construct libraries at no charge in all of its neighborhoods, including Center City, Historic Manheim Park, Squier Park and Troostwood as well as others.

To get involved:

  • Free workshops on Saturday, May 17
    • 9 a.m. to noon or 1-4 p.m.
    • Hammerspace, 440 E. 63rd Street

To sign up or learn more contact: Leslie Scott at lscott1967@yahoo.com

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