Prospect MAX bus route takes a step forward

File photo.

File photo.

MAX bus service on Prospect Avenue is one step closer following a key approval at the federal level.

According to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), the federal government recently cleared the proposed MAX route for project development.

“Approval to move into project development is the first official step toward securing federal funding for the project. Federal funding isn’t guaranteed. But approval to move ahead allows the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to track project expenses and charge them to the federal government if the proposed MAX route receives federal money,” the KCATA said in a press release.

The KCATA current operates MAX bus rapid transit routes on Main Street and Troost, which riders say offer faster and more reliable service. Planners have been working on expanding to the Prospect Corridor, one of the busiest transit routes in the region.

Here’s more from the KCATA:

The proposed Prospect MAX route is expected to cover about nine miles, extending from 75th Street into downtown Kansas City. The service will have stations every four to six blocks at 26 locations, instead of a stop at every block with the current service.

Bus rapid transit – nicknamed MAX for Metro Area Express – was introduced to Kansas City’s Main Street corridor in 2005 and it was later expanded into the Troost Avenue corridor in 2011.

Like the bus rapid transit routes on Main and Troost, Prospect MAX will offer faster bus service featuring sleek bus shelters with highly visible iconic markers and signs providing real-time arrival information. The MAX routes on Main and Troost have been popular among riders, and have resulted in new riders being introduced to other non-MAX bus routes.

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