Proposed SW Trafficway QuikTrip Draws Neighborhood Opposition

quiktripBy Dan Blom

A new QuikTrip store and gas station being proposed for Southwest Trafficway between 33rd and 34th Streets has gathered opposition from several neighborhood groups.

The store, which could include 10 gas pumps in five bays, would occupy now vacant land bordered by Jefferson Street to the east. QuikTrip would need zoning approvals because current zoning would not allow a convenience store with gas pumps.

A letter from the boards of the Coleman Highlands, Volker, Valentine and Roanoke neighborhood boards expresses “strong opposition” to the new QuikTrip plans. “We are dismayed by the possibility that a major block of our community would be lost to any possibility of renewed residential life and instead become a large gas station.” The letter also suggests a gas station could “deter other development in the area.”

QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said QuikTrip has not yet submitted any plans for the site. “QuikTrip always takes our time for due diligence … we really have not had the opportunity to meet and discuss and receive input from the various neighborhoods.”

The neighborhoods cite concerns about additional traffic and congestion and say they favor neighborhood-scale business that serve residents, noting in particular Browne’s Deli as an example of a business that should be encouraged.

The current zoning on part of the property would allow a convenience store, but require a special use permit for gas pumps. A smaller portion is zoned for residential and would require a zoning change. The neighborhoods contend such a zoning change would not be compatible with residential zoning in the adjacent residential areas in Valentine south and east or Roanoke and Coleman Highlands to the west.


  1. Sandra Cookston says:

    This is the craziest idea I’ve heard for a long time, they can’t be serious, SW Trafficway is a mess as it is without QT. I’m afraid every time I’m in one because of the nutty drivers jockeying for a place to gas up or park, just imagine that everyday from 7-9am or 5-7pm! Nuts!

  2. Jackie Freeland says:

    How about 24/7!? The proximity of Westport will draw in the “after hours crowd” every single good weather night. I live behind the Shell station now.

    3am last night “Was that thunder?” I ask my hubby

    He replies “No! That’s just those motorcycles over at the Shell”

    Don’t get me wrong – I like QuikTrip, but NOT in my neighborhood and peoples back yards. How does this serves the surrounding community? The proposed QuikTrip is about 5-6 times BIGGER than the Shell. It’s crazy

  3. Jackie Freeland says:

    Ooopppss typo: *serve not serves

  4. Angie Stuart says:

    We need QT in San Antonio, please open one here instead!!!

  5. John says:

    I sure would like them to build this QT so they can put out those Shells on Main and Broadway. Those gas stations are nothing but sketchy and they sell plenty of Crack paraphilia behind the counter. QT’s are always safe and I don’t think there has ever been a shooting at one of them unlike the Shell and BP

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