Police put the brakes on bicycle get away

Photo courtesy Missouri State Parks

A thief broke into the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio Wednesday and made off with a sketch worth $16,000, but did not get far.

Police arrested the suspect after seeing him on a bike nearby at Valentine Road and Broadway.

It was about 4:20 a.m. and the man stood out because picture frames were sticking out of his backpack, according to court records.

Jackson County prosecutors charged convicted burglar Antonio Carrillo, 38, with second-degree burglary.

The stolen sketch was on loan to the Benton home at 3616 Belleview Ave., according to records, and is valued at $16,000.

The site administrator called police after an intrusion alarm went off and the alarm company called.

Police driving to the scene saw the suspect peddling away, they said.

The Kansas City Star identified the Benton sketch as one called “Nebraska Farm Yard,” which Benton had given to a neighbor one Christmas.

A granddaughter of the neighbor loaned it to the home, the paper reported.

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