Police department makes accident reports available online

police-logoThe Kansas City Police Department is now allowing people involved in a car crash to get their accident report online, instead of going to a police station as they had to do in the past.

The new system took effect yesterday. Now residents can purchase a crash report online for $17 from the police department website.

“This is a convenience option that helps ease the burden and aggravation of being involved in a crash,” said Capt. Gabrielle Pfeifer, who supervises records management for the Kansas City Police Department. “It’s especially helpful if you’re from out of town and are involved in an accident.”

The police say the new program also provides added convenience for those who frequently request crash reports, such as insurance agencies and law firms.

The cost to purchase a crash report online is $17 and can be paid by credit or debit card or with a PayPal account. The cost includes a $6 convenience charge. Reports obtained in-person at a police station still cost $11.

The convenience fee funds the reporting software from Appriss, a company that handles online reporting for police departments across the country.

The department says the software tools will allow police to collect, file, retrieve and analyze crash reports more efficiently, ultimately creating safer roads and intersections in the community. They also will speed the process for insurance claims, allowing drivers to get their vehicles fixed faster.

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