PIAC hearing offers a profile of the 4th Council District after redistricting

At the second 4th District PIAC hearing last night, 4th District Council Representatives Jan Marcason, Jim Glover and residents listened to others explain the problems their neighborhoods face and how city funding could help.

At the first 4th District Public Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) hearing last week, Midtown neighborhoods proposed parks, traffic warnings, and street light improvements.  At last night’s hearing, the majority of the requests came from neighborhoods recently added to the 4th District. Since the city redrew its council districts last year, portions of the Northland and the Old Northeast are now in the 4th District. That means the pool of sales tax funds that are available for capital improvements will be shared between Midtown neighborhoods and these new areas of the district.

Among the proposals last night were:

  • North Oak Streetscape: improvements to the major Northland street
  • Truman Plaza Improvements: Crime prevention, sidewalk and curb repair in this Northeast area, as well as improvements to alleys, curbs and sidewalks in the Indian Mound neighborhood
  • South Plaza park improvements: Repairs to the neighborhood marker hit by a car; repairs to a drain behind the retaining wall; and repair of sidewalks damaged by tree roots
  • Signage to the Northeast area: way-finding to the Kansas City museum, Cliff Drive and Northeast area of the city
  • Upgraded electrical outlets for park building: addition of electrical outlets at the Colonnade Building at Kessler Park to enhance activities there

Although the 4th District PIAC hearings are now finished, residents and groups can still submit proposals online until August 31.  A final decision on which projects will be funded by the sales tax funds will be made early next year.

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