Perjury charges in 36th and Baltimore murder case

Daquetta Davis

Diamond Blair’s trial that ended with his murder conviction on Friday has also led to charges against his alibi witness, Jackson County prosecutors said Monday.

Daquetta D. Davis, 26, of Portageville, Mo., faces two felony perjury charges for alleged lies during testimony.

Because of three prior felony convictions – two for drugs and one for first-degree robbery – she faces up to 15 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Jurors convicted Blair, 37, nephew of Kansas City serial killer Terry Blair, of second-degree murder, robbery and armed criminal action. Diamond Blair, who is already serving 23 years for other convictions, now faces sentencing for the death of Montague Kevin Ashline on June 24, 2009 outside apartments at 36th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Diamond Blair

At trial, Davis testified that Blair was with her at the time of the murder and that she had not spoken to him since then, according to court records.

But jail records showed many calls from Blair to Davis, records state, and Davis confessed she dated him in 2008 but “did not even see Blair in 2009,” records state. She said he called her from jail this year and said “the only way he was getting out of jail was if he had a concrete alibi,” records state, and she agreed to give him one.

Blair comes from criminal family so extensive that his own lawyer once said he was “born to a family of murderers.”

His mother was charged with two murders and convicted of one. His uncle Terry Blair was convicted in 2008 of murdering six women. Other family members were also convicted murderers.

Diamond Blair was first arrested at age 6 and before age 16 was charged with four robberies, kidnapping and weapons violations, the Kansas City Star reported.

He was sent to jail, the paper reported, where he and two others sodomized a 15-year-old boy.

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