Our Google Fiber forums let you share info and ask questions

Across Midtown, people are getting connected to Google Fiber and, as they do, we’re hearing a lot of questions about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Since we have such a wide range of smart readers, we’ve set up a Google Fiber forum where people can share experiences and ask questions about the whole process.

To access the forum, just click on the big forum button on our home page. You’ll have to register the first time. 

We’ve set up categories for:

  • Experiences getting connected: Has Google connected to your house, or hooked up your whole system and turned it on? Do you have questions for people who are already using Google Fiber? Ask questions and share experiences here.
  • What to do about your landline: Lots of folks are wondering if they still need a regular telephone line or if they should just switch over to cellphone service. Share what you are thinking and information about various phone services here.
  • Google Fiber speeds: Share information about the speeds you are getting on Google Fiber.

Let us know if you want additional categories.

We’ll be sharing what we learn on the forums in our daily posts and Facebook feeds.

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