One-Pot Shake and Bake Meth Labs

Meth labs in Kansas City

KC Police are warning Midtowners to look out for “shake and bake” meth labs.

Reposted from Master Patrol Officer James Schriever

The Kansas City Police Department’s Metro Meth Section has recently encountered a new trend in meth manufacturing. A one-pot meth lab, using a mixture of household chemicals that can be purchased at any local hardware store, has replaced the meth lab of the past.

The meth “cooks” itself in a chemical reaction which takes place in a common plastic soda bottle.

The dangers include inhalation of dangerous chemical vapors, chemical burn from the liquid inside the bottles, and a rupture of the plastic bottle, resulting in a chemical fire.

Numerous meth labs have been recovered by the Metro Meth Section from inside backpacks as well as from around vacant houses and buildings. A lot of this activity involves the homeless and transient community.

Listed below are some of the items that indicate one-pot meth lab activity:

  •  20-oz or 2-liter pop bottles with a brownish or greenish sludge
  • 20-oz or 2-liter pop bottles with a tube running out of the cap
  • Lithium batteries (new or cut open)
  • Charcoal lighter fluid or Acetone
  • Jobe fertilizer sticks (Miracle Grow fertilizer sticks)
  • Instant cold packs
  • Pseudo pills, new or open blister packs
  • Red Devil Lye drain opener
  • Liquid Fire drain opener
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Table salt
  • Aluminum foil
  • Coffee filters

Do not move these items if you see them. Notify the police at their non-emergency number, 816-234-5111.

Contact for Master Patrol Officer James SchrieverCIO, Central Patrol Division, Office: 816-759-6313, Cell: 816-719-8350


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