One click shows solar energy potential of any building

energy-mapA new interactive website allows Kansas City residents to click on any building and get information on its solar energy potential.

The Metro KC Solar Map was created as part of the Mid-America Regional Council’s Solar Ready II initiative to promote the use of solar energy.

According to MARC, site visitors can click on any building to display the available roof area for solar, the potential photovoltaic system size, annual electricity cost savings, return on investment, and monthly solar potential in kilowatt hours.

The site also provides basic information about solar power and how to contact solar installers. Additional tools still in development will allow users to draw around future building sites to calculate solar potential, and also calculate the solar capacity of an entire street or neighborhood.

MARC says the map can serve as a resource to local governments to help promote greater use of solar energy in their communities, and to consumers as a starting point in researching solar for their homes or businesses.

“The map lets homeowners and businesses discover how much energy they could generate through solar installations,” said Laura Machala, MARC’s solar energy coordinator. “Many may find that solar energy is a good investment.”

Solar Ready II is funded by a Department of Energy Rooftop Solar Challenge II award. MARC and a consortium of regional planning council partners across the country — representing more than 200 local governments and nearly 19 million people — received a $2.575 million grant to help make it easier for residents and businesses to use solar energy. Locally, MARC is working with 21 city and county partners to streamline solar permitting and implement other best management practices that encourage and facilitate solar installation.


Solar mapping website

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