Neighbors show Penn Valley Park a little love

Volunteers from the Penn Valley Park Conservancy and Blue Cross/Blue Shield cleaned up trash in the Penn Valley Park on Saturday. Photos courtesy Nadja Karpilow.

Penn Valley Park has been getting a facelift lately, but its little-known stream has been neglected. So last Saturday, a group of volunteers from the Penn Valley Park Conservancy and BlueCross/Blue Shield took the time to pick up trash that has accumulated in the creek.

“We got a good start on Saturday but there is still a lot of trash to pick up,” according to Nadja Karpilow, a park conservancy board member. Karpilow said the creek has been neglected so the volunteers took the time to walk along it and clean out what trash they could – at least until a mid-morning storm began.

The stream begins underground at the south end of the park and flows into Washington Lake.

A $7 million renovation of the park and nearby Library Memorial began earlier this year. Improvements include new trees and landscaping, narrowing the lanes of Penn Valley Drive, trails around the lake and added features for the skatepark.

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