National award for Jackson County court commissioner, just before retirement

Commissioner-Molly-M.-MerriganMolly Merrigan, a Jackson County Family Court commissioner for 16 years, handled a mix of the worst and best cases.

There was child abuse and neglect, but also adoptions that saved children. There were drug addicts of all kinds, but also programs that saved many of them.

Today she got the Judge Goldstein award at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals in National Harbor, Md.

Friday is her last day on the bench, as she retires to work as a consultant for other drug courts.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve as commissioner,” she said in a court media release.

As for her award, she said, “Having been able to meet Judge Goldstein and observe him in his courtroom, I am incredibly honored to receive this award.”

Merrigan was an assistant Jackson County prosecutor who handled drug cases before Jackson County judges appointed her as a commissioner in December 1998.

Since then, she has received many honors, including the Claire McCaskill award from the Missouri Association of Drug Court Professionals, and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Distinguished Board Service Award.

She is also a certified substance abuse counselor who had worked at a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility.


  1. Jennifer moore says:

    She is good lady and I will miss her so much

  2. Megan Huffman says:

    Commissioner Merrigan wil definitely be missed in Jackson County!!!! She was a wonderful mix of both compassion/empathy and tough love. She helped those who helped themselves and worked to get their kids back while not taking any nonsense from those who cared more about insignificant things than their own children. God bless you, Molly Merrigan!!!

  3. Kasey Aviles says:

    She is has saved my n my childrens life and the only one who has believed in me. I thank her so much. She is an amazing women.

  4. Megan Crisp says:

    Commissioner Molly Merrigan is an amazing person. She gave me the opportunity, tools and resources to help me turn my life around. I am now going on 8 years clean and sober. I have graduated college and started my own company. My kids are doing great and I have a wonderful life. Forever grateful and wish her the best in all her endeavors.

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