Midtowners weigh in on the ice cream truck

Photo courtesy Prairie Village Post

Is the sound of the ice cream truck a nostalgic summer pleasure, or an audible annoyance you could live without for the rest of your life?

We’ve heard both perspectives from our Facebook readers since we posed a question about what folks in Midtown think about the trucks.

It all began with this story in our sister publication, the Prairie Village Post, telling about two residents of the Kansas suburb who said they were tired of the trucks’ frequent trips down their block.

We got a lot of interesting – and widely varied – comments from our readers. Here’s just a taste. There’s more on our Facebook page.

From the “we love the ice cream truck” perspective:

  • “If I have one gripe about ice cream trucks, it’s that it’s hard to catch them before they drive off!”
  • “What a bunch of whiners. I love the ice cream truck. It’s how you know summer has arrived!”
  • “What’s next? Kids being banned from playing outside because its loud?” (Which triggered this response, “I LOVE his idea…ban kids from playing outside. WHY do they scream so damn much!?”)
  • “Ice cream trucks are a long-standing tradition, people that complain probably didn’t have a happy childhood. All the kids in my neighborhood used to chase the truck. Even when we didn’t have money to buy anything.”
  • “I saw a truck yesterday and kids were jumping up and down next to it excited about the choices they had to make.”

But not everyone in Midtown loves an ice cream truck. Not hardly.

  • “The music from the ice cream trucks is annoying, though. Why not compromise with a bell like most used to use and some still do?”
  • “I like the idea of bringing back the bell instead. I love The Entertainer as much as the next guy, but nobody needs that much Scott Joplin in their life.”
  • “They are a little creepy after 8 p.m.”
  • “I think they’re absolutely horrific, annoying, and I wish they would go the eff away.”

There you go.  Some of the many points of view from our audience.

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