Midtowners already weighing in online on Midtown/Plaza plan


Folks across Midtown are expressing interest in helping to plan the future by participating in the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan. In fact, people have already started having conversations on the Internet site that augments the public meetings for the plan. The online discussion board is called Mindmixer.

Midtown/Plaza Plan Discussion

This week, the city has posed a question about which areas within the Midtown/Plaza area are most suitable for redevelopment. One commentator has suggested Troost Avenue.

Troost, but that doesn’t mean flatten the old and put in new especially if it’s suburban type development. Troost has great potential in its old buildings and lots of empty lots and parking lots that could use some mixed use development. If we could fill those in it could be very walkable. Actually it could be developed like the Crossroads but with some encouragement (incentives) from the city. The city didn’t make the Crossroads great but discovered it after it was generating interest and money.

Online comment on Mindmixer about the Midtown/Plaza Plan

There are also conversations going on at the site about transportation, maintaining the urban character of Midtown, and how to make the area more attractive to small businesses.

The city is in the process of developing new area plans for each part of the city. The plans will help elected officials make future decisions about housing, development and economic growth.

The plans can also guide public decisions on land use, infrastructure, public services and zoning.

The official kickoff comes next week, with the appointed steering committee holding its first meeting on January 23.

The following evening, January 24, is the first public meeting for the area plan. Residents are invited to offer their input.

But until then, and after then, the Internet is open for comments.


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