Midtown neighborhood candidate forum tonight

council-districtsCandidates for city council – both the 4th district and all at-large candidates – will discuss issues affecting Midtown neighborhoods at a candidate forum tonight.

The city has a 13-member city council that makes policies for the city. The council includes the mayor and six at large council members (elected by all voters) as well as six in district council members (elected only by the voters of the district). An election to be held on Tuesday, April 7 will narrow down the candidates in each district to two, and voters will choose between those in a June 23 general election.

Because of term limits, several current council people, including the 4th district’s Jan Marcason, are not eligible to run again. Two candidates, Jolie Justus and John Fierro, are running for the 4th district in district seat.

Currently, Jim Glover is the at large representative for the 4th district. He is running, and he faces opposition from Jared Campbell, Bryan Stalder and Katheryn Shields.

At large candidates include: 1st district: Scott Wagner, Jeffrey Roberts; 2nd district: Teresa Loar, Jay Hodges; 3rd district: Stephan Gordon, Quinton Lucas, Virginia “Dee” Evans, Karmello Coleman, Forestine Beasley, Carol Gatlin; 5th district: Dennis Anthony, Lee Barnes; 6th district: Scott Taylor.

The forum is sponsored by the Midtown KC Post in conjunction with the Valentine, Volker, Hyde Park, Coleman Highlands, Roanoke and Old Hyde Park neighborhoods.

Neighborhood residents have been invited in advance to submit their list of important issues they would like to have addressed by the candidates. The issues people have raised so far include transportation, reinvestment in the urban core, schools, a clean city, and specific traffic issues.

At the forum, each candidate will have an opportunity to speak for three minutes. They will then be asked questions submitted in writing by the audience or submitted online in advance, based upon the amount of time that is remaining.

Candidate forum for 4th District and at-large candidates
When: March 31 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: The Writer’s Place, 3607 Pennsylvania
Sponsored by: The Midtown KC Post and the Valentine, Coleman Highlands, Volker Old Hyde Park, Roanoke and Hyde Park neighborhoods
Light refreshments: provided by the Broadway Jazz Club and the Valentine Neighborhood Association

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  1. aryn roth says:

    Thanks to MidtownPostKcPst there was a great turnout @Writers Place, to listen to the city council candidates introduce themselves & address issues of concern in the city. Now the trick will be voter turn out…

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