Midtown KC Post celebrates one year birthday today

No need to send us gifts, but this is the one-year anniversary of the Midtown KC Post.

Last July 1, we started sending our daily news and information designed to help people in Midtown (the area from 31st to 55th Streets, from State Line to The Paseo) be more engaged in their community.

We’re sort of like an online newspaper, but slightly different.

Our top goal is to make Midtown a better place to live and work, which we think happens when people are informed about what’s going on around them AND when people have an ongoing conservation about how to make their neighborhoods better.

Every weekday, we send out a series of posts about various things, some of them newsy and some of them “information you can use.”

We also encourage you to talk about this news and whatever else is one your mind. And we hope that conversation will introduce you and us to new ideas, ways of looking at problems, and make connections between people in Midtown.

By the way, we’re really proud of the conversations that happen on our website and Facebook. Our readers have shown again and again its possible to express differing opinions without making personal attacks on others.

So far, we have a lot of people to thank for building our readership in this first year.

  • We have a rapidly growing number of readers who go daily to our website, follow us by liking us on Facebook, subscriber to our Twitter feed or get our daily newsletter.
  • Organizations, neighborhoods, businesses and individuals are increasingly sending us news tips, ideas and stories about what’s going on in the community.
  • Advertisers (we especially love small local businesses) are both supporting us and growing their own name recognition by listing their products and services on our website.

In the next year, we’re committed to growing even more and hope more people will join in on the conversation.

Here’s some of what we have planned:

  • Increased daily coverage of local news, issues and information
  • Finding new ways to keep you informed of important information, like weekend races that will close streets or how to get more involved in neighborhood and community events
  • Bringing in more voices from our diverse community through guest posts and opinions
  • Tacking community problems using the combined wisdom of our readers
  • Sponsoring and/or hosting community forums to provide face-to-face conversation
  • Providing addition services to local businesses through advertising and sponsored posts that let you tell your story to Midtown customers

Thanks to everyone we’ve met during our first year, and we looking forward to working with you as we continue to grow.

Mary Jo Draper

Editor, Midtown KC Post


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