Midtown KC Post adds neighborhood profile pages

Are you thinking about moving to Midtown?

Do you want to show off your Midtown neighborhood?

Do you wonder when your neighborhood association meets?

Then the new Midtown KC Post neighborhood pages are for you. Just click on ‘hoods on our main page and you can see your page.

We’ve created a map of Midtown neighborhoods (from 31st to 55th, State Line to The Paseo) to make it easy to tell which is which.

And we’ve included as much information as we have about each neighborhood, including its website, meeting days and times, trash day and other information.

But we need your help in filling out these pages.

(see a larger map)

We’re asking our readers to send is the following types of information:

  • Information about how to contact the neighborhood association
  • Corrections to the data we’re provided (for the most part furnished by the city)
  • Links to your Facebook pages, Google groups and other methods of communication
  • Stories about the history of your neighborhood
  • Descriptions of what its is like to live in your neighborhood that would be helpful for people who are thinking about moving to it
  • Questions you have about moving to Kansas City and Midtown
  • Information about upcoming events

We’ll update the pages as we get your information. And feel free to link to our page from your homepage.

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