Methodist women focus on human trafficking

United Methodist women from across Kansas City are taking on the issue of human trafficking, both local and global.

United Methodist Women from St. James United Methodist Church and The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection are hosting a program on January 11, national Human Trafficking Awareness Day, for people of all faiths.

“The January 11th program will include coffee and gathering time, an informal panel discussion and dialogue, and action steps sharing what we as people of faith can do to intercept human trafficking.  At this event you will learn how to identify victims in your own community and what to do when you spot signs of what is essentially modern-day slavery,” they say in a press release.

Panel members include: Laura Bauer, Kansas City Star Reporter and co-author of a five part series on Human Trafficking; Kristy Childs, Founder and Executive Director of Veronica’s Voice whose mission is to end commercial sexual exploitation; Jeff Lanza, an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years who investigated human trafficking among other crimes; and Rachel Bachenberg, member, National United Methodist Women’s Human Trafficking Team.  The panel facilitator will be Alice Ellison, Kansas City Metro Community Advocate.


  • January 11, 9:30 a.m.– noon
  • Location:  downtown campus of The Church of the Resurrection, 1522 McGee Street.  Parking is available in the adjacent Kansas City Star parking lot.
  • Registration 

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