Mayor wants protocol for testing entrepreneurial products

Mayor James.

What if someone came up with asphalt made of feathers and claimed it worked better than any asphalt on the market?

Maybe it’s as cheap as water and doesn’t crack, but shouldn’t the city test it before buying?

It’s getting into position to do just that.

The city council on Thursday instructed the city manager to come up with protocol for testing entrepreneurial products and to submit the process to the council.

Mayor Sly James used the asphalt feather example in asking approval for the measure.

The city could test something like feather asphalt on a small section of road, he said, while still keeping all its contracts for regular asphalt.

He cited the case of a Kansas City entrepreneur with a kind of moveable street slabs who tested the product in Texas with some success, after he could not work out a deal to test it in Kansas City.

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