Mayor reports on street resurfacing one year after tax approved

The orange lines show streets resurfaced in 2013.

Mayor Sly James, the city council and public works department yesterday thanked residents for a vote one year ago that provided funding to resurface city streets.

And the mayor said $6.26 million has been spent so far on the task.

“Residents trusted us enough to vote for Question 1 and in return, I want to show them what they’re getting for their money,” said Mayor Sly James.  “The City is making promises and keeping them and we’re making significant headway towards improving our infrastructure.”

Mayor James sent a thank you to voters in a temporary pavement marking.

The mayor says the city is paying attention to the environment by using recycled materials and is building Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps at any corner when roads are resurfaced.

The mayor’s office says one year after a city-wide affirmative vote on Question 1, approximately 180 lane miles of city streets have been resurfaced, with 220 total to be resurfaced by year’s end.

Before last year’s vote, the city resurfaced about 30 lane miles a year.

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