Mayor offers advice on startup communities in Forbes

Mayor James at the city’s idea fair earlier this year.

The mayor is bragging on Kansas City and offering advice on entrepreneurism in Forbes.

James and Kauffman Foundation Director of Research and Policy Dana Strangler have written an opinion piece called What Cities Can Do to Boost Entrepreneurism. 

The article offers some advice for mayors, city managers, council members and others in supporting and building up startup communities.

“In Kansas City, Mo., the word “entrepreneur” is used by city leadership (including one of us, Mayor James), more times in one month than others do in an entire year, and the city has become a champion of local startup efforts.”

But, they say, there’s no place for city leaders to come together and share lessons learned. That’s why  James and the Kauffman Foundation started the first-ever Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship this year.

“The geographic dispersion of high-technology companies and employment in the United States has been widening over the past two decades, particularly to places such as Indianapolis, Kansas City and Salt Lake City that offer a high quality of life at reasonable cost. Even highly skilled workers need affordable places to live, and they are being increasingly priced out of Silicon Valley and Boston because of restrictive land use regulation,” they wrote.

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