Man charged in bizarre Midtown rampage

maniacA Kansas City man was charged last week with a trying to hijack a city bus and other vehicles, among other transgressions.

James M. Jackson, 28, faces 13 Jackson County charges for a series of crimes on June 30 in the area of 63rd and Prospect.

The charges include intent to commit bus hijacking with a weapon, first-degree assault, armed robbery, possession of a controlled substance, three counts of armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a weapon and misdemeanor charges for kicking a medic in the mouth and spitting on a police officer.

According to court documents:

The first victims gave Jackson a ride in a Cadillac but the driver jumped out of the moving car after Jackson became mentally unstable.

A woman passenger tried to stop the car by jumping into the driver’s seat and Jackson put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. The woman then jumped out of the moving car.

Jackson got out of it as well, but chased it and bashed the rear window, breaking it as the Cadillac continued on its roll.

Then Jackson broke the driver’s side window on a Ford Explorer, but the driver quickly drove away.

He tried to take two other vehicles before approaching the bus, where the driver slammed the door shut. Jackson kicked the door, punched it, broke the glass and pointed his gun at the driver as she ran to the back of the bus.

A passenger on the bus told police that Jackson said, “I’ll kill every last one of you” before pointing the gun at his head and saying, “I’ll just kill myself.”

He soon kicked the medic that was trying to treat his cut hand and spit on a police officer.

Police found a handgun and PCP, and Jackson told them he sold the drug but did not use it.

He also told them he was a gang member and pointed to his tattoos to prove it.

He is charged as a prior and persistent offender with past convictions for robbery, burglary and drug possession.

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