Make something, or learn how: Maker Faire coming to Union Station

The Maker Faire event at Union Station is coming and will attract about 13,000 people, many from as far away as Florida, officials told the city council Thursday.

The June 28 and June 29 event offers inventions, innovations, products, robots, crafters, artists and even has something for Dr. Who fans – lessons on how to make your own Tardis and Dalek.

The goal is to get people making and innovating and some businesses have already been launched after three other such events, Union Station officials said.

“Making, shaping and designing is the future of our country,” said George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO.

There will be people doing everything from a 3D printed car to robots to a low rider (hopping cars)  competition.

There will also be speakers, demonstrations and exhibits, not to mention last year’s air guitar world champion.

Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO, said 39 percent of the 12,000 people who attended last year were from outside of Missouri.

“This is something that resonates with people, this is something that people will travel for,” he said.

“It’s not just the next engineer doing something with robotics,” he said, though that will be there too.

Kids learn to take things apart, how they work and to not be afraid of it all, officials said, and that sets the stage for innovation, manufacturing and the nation’s future.

Adult admission prices are $12 a day or $19.50 for a weekend pass. Prices for youth (3-12), members of the military or seniors (55+) are $9 a day or $14.50 for a weekend pass.

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