MAC Properties to build at Armour and Main

Plans for 3535 Main. Courtesy MAC Propert

Plans for 3435 Main. Courtesy MAC Properties

MAC Properties, redeveloper of 24 buildings along Armour Boulevard since 2007, plans to construct its first new building in the city.

The City Plan Commission today recommended approval of a plan and rezoning for the five-story mixed use building at 3435 Main St.

Plans for 3535 Main. Courtesy MAC Properties.

Plans for 3435 Main. Courtesy MAC Properties.

There was no opposition and the project now goes to the city council for final approval.

The plan calls for 84 apartments, 54 parking spaces and 2,500 square feet of retail.

Peter Cassel, director of MAC properties and Silliman Group, which is also involved in the projects, said this is the latest among three projects called “Armour Main Redevelopment.”

In all, he said, they will add 182 market rate apartments, 32,000 square feet of retail and office space and more than 350 parking spaces in Midtown.

The first started last summer with renovation of an office building into 59 apartments at 301 E. Armour. It will include 30,000 square feet of retail and is to be finished next summer.

Cassel said they are working on retail tenants there and “are having good discussions with a restaurant, coffee shop and a few gym operators.”

The second phase is the ongoing renovation of the former Interstate Bakeries Hostess Headquarters office building at 12 E. Armour.

It will become 39 apartments and is to be done by September of next year.


  1. Ashley says:

    this is all very exciting I just pray for a few things…, one I pray for a grocery store that isn’t a dollar store like grocery store, they up the number of parking spots, because it sucks living in the neighborhoods bodering armor now that more and more apartments are opening and trying to leave your house to find cars parked all willy-nilly blocking side walks, jntersections and drive ways, and I hope also that Mac will figure out away to implement a way to make their residents be cleaner. Since more and more folks have moved into the apartments along armor and park in the surrounding neighborhoods the amount of trash and booze bottles laying around in the streets and parkways has grown exponentionalky. Oh and they teach their residents a thing or two about safety, like put your junk in your trunk, more parked cars in the neighborhood has turned into a super easy hay day for folks to break into cars and steal things.

  2. Brad says:

    OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe what this city allowing!! I travel extensively to other larger cities and they would laugh their keisters off if anyone mentioned putting up a building like this. This reminds me of the Cerner Campus building out near Nebraska Furniture Mart; it looks like it is made from scrapped pieces of shipping crates and looks very reminiscent of structures cobbled together in the Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro slums. When are we going to have architectural form based codes?! You build this “thing” just south to a building that is reminiscent of the brookside style half-timber architecture. Ya think Brookside would allow this?! There is a reason Midtown has the reputation it historically does. We get this and a million new Hookah and smoke paraphernalia shops. When are we going to quit making these mistakes. Look at how this gross Goliath sits on the land, doesn’t it look reminiscent of the apartment building infill from the 60’s we see in Midtown neighborhoods that usually has a blank face of brick or stone facing the street and sits sideways on the land? I live reasonably close to several of those, NOBODY is fixing them up and they sit slumming the neighborhoods up and are frequently visited by the police. Will we PLEASE find a way to bring some charm back to new construction in Midtown, this apparition is GHASTLY.

  3. David Smith says:

    3435 Main St. is not Armour and Main.

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