Lookout prowlers – Midtown homeowners will call the police

Neighborhood watch signby John Toms (Reprinted with permission from the West Plaza Neighborhood Association newsletter)

The City Council recently amended an ordinance (local law) which makes it illegal to prowl during the daylight hours. This may not seem like a big change, but prior to this, the ordinance read only “in the nighttime.” Now any person who wanders, prowls, or loiters on the private property of another and peeks or peers into the door or window of any building or structure which is inhabited by humans beings, without any visible or lawful business with the owners or occupants thereof, commits the offense of disorderly conduct, regardless of the time of day or night of the occurrence.

Prior to the amendment, if a person was prowling a house in Midtown and the police were called and the person was up to no good, the police could not charge the prowler with this offense. Now they can.

Most of the recent break-ins in our area have been occurring during the daylight hours. Do not think twice if you see something that does not look right to you. Call 911 and let the police determine what is going on. This amendment was approved by the full council, and they should be commended for this type of positive help to all who live and work in Kansas City.

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