Landlords, remember to register your properties

The deadline is coming for the annual registration of all rental properties in Kansas City. Annual registration is due by Jan. 31 each year.

Here are details from the city:

Annual registration of rental properties is part of the Rental Registration and Inspection Program established by the City Council with passage of ordinance No. 071046 in October 2007.

Owners can register rental properties through Jan. 31 without incurring a registration fee. However, failure to register a rental dwelling before Feb. 1 will result in the issuance of an administrative citation fine of $50. For each month (or portion thereof) that a rental dwelling is not registered, an additional $50 fee will be assessed. For example, a rental property not registered until August will be assessed a fine of $350. Registration is required on a calendar-year basis and expires each Nov. 30.

Online registration

For more information about the Rental Registration and Inspection Program, visit or contact the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department at 816-513-9010.

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