Land bank offers several Midtown properties for sale

As the land bank officially opened, one of the properties is has listed for sale is this one in the Volker neighborhood.

The city’s new land bank, with its potential for finding responsible owners for blighted and abandoned properties, is officially open for business.

It’s initial listing of more than 3,600 properties for sale includes homes in the Southmoreland, Volker and Manheim Park neighborhoods.

The properties are displayed at in a list or map view with street-level images. The list includes 743 foreclosures recently acquired from the Land Trust of Jackson County.

According to information from the city:

An asking price for each property is listed, and the Land Bank must try to sell properties for at least two-thirds of the market value shown on county tax records. The cost of repairs and improvements that will occur after the sale; however they may be counted toward the value of the offer.

The Land Bank may sell properties for a lower price under certain situations. For example, lower prices are available under the side-lot program where an owner-occupant of adjacent property can purchase a vacant lot for $75.

Applications or offers can be submitted online through the Land Bank website, and must include plans for the property, a timetable for those plans and evidence of possessing the resources to carry out the plans. The Land Bank wants to ensure that any property sold will be improved.

More information, including photos of each property, will be added to the Land Bank website in the future.

State legislation authorizing the Land Bank of Kansas City was passed last summer to help the city find responsible owners for abandoned and blighted property.


For questions about the Land Bank, please call 816-513-9020 or email


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