KU Hospital testing for Ebola virus

Courtesy CDC by Cynthia Goldsmith

Courtesy CDC by Cynthia Goldsmith

The University of Kansas Hospital announced Monday it is testing a patient for the Ebola virus.

The patient went to the hospital early Monday with a high fever and other serious symptoms.

Also from the hospital press release:

The patient, who recently worked on a medical boat off the west coast of Africa, is now isolated in a special infectious disease unit.

Dr. Lee Norman, chief medical officer at the hospital, said the patient “is at low to moderate risk of Ebola.”

He said there are many other diseases such as typhoid that fit the symptoms, but the hospital is following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control for Ebola.

A dedicated team of nurses and others provide care and they will not treat other patients until diagnosis and treatment are completed.

The patient is in an isolated area of the hospital and does not pose a hearth risk to other patients, staff or visitors.

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