Know someone who is improving the quality of life in your neighborhood?

The city is taking nominations for its annual good neighbor award.

The honor recognizes citizens of Kansas City who take pride in where they live.  According to the city’s definition, a good neighbor is characterized by these traits:  caring, friendly, helpful, respectful and clean.

The city says the purpose of the award is to provide an incentive to engage the citizens of Kansas City to take ownership and invest their time and skills into their community.

Nominations are open now, and those selected will be recognized at the Kansas City United Against Crime Event, Tuesday October 1.


  • The individual must not be paid for service or action demonstrated.
  • To nominate, a neighbor should call the 3-1-1 Action Center or write a letter or e-mail to or explaining why their neighbor should receive this title.
  • All residents of Kansas City, Missouri are eligible to nominate and be nominated. The nominee must demonstrate an on-going spirit of compassion and helpfulness to his/her neighbors. In the e-mail subject line please type: Good Neighbor Award Nomination. The application should detail the neighbor’s commitment to the environment, community, neighbors, and/or preserving the community for future generations.  Be certain to include both your and their name, address, and phone number.  All nominations should be received prior to Tuesday, August 6, 2013.

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