KCPD warns about holiday deliveries being stolen from porches

Cutline: Photo used under a Creative Commons license courtesy Terry Johnson.

Yesterday was what is now being called Green Monday, the second Monday in December when so much money changes hands as people rev up their holiday shopping. According to the Kansas City Police Department’s Jim Schriever, over 19 million packages were delivered yesterday by FedEx alone.

That’s good news for those of us hoping to receive presents this year, but bad news for folks who aren’t home when deliveries arrive. Schriever reminds us:

With the increase in holiday sales this year, law enforcement across the nation is seeing an increase in those holiday packages being stolen. Here are some tips:
• If you are anticipating a delivery, make sure you have a tracking number so the package can be followed and a delivery date established.
• On the day of delivery, make arrangements with friends, family or neighbors to secure the package ASAP.
• If you are sending a package, send a notice to the recipient that they will be receiving a package and give the anticipated delivery date. Packages can sit for days on porches if the intended recipients have already left town.
• If you see a package sitting on your neighbor’s porch, don’t hesitate to contact them to let them know.

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