KC police dance a hit on Internet

St. Patrick’s day featured only a few minor crimes, police reported today, and even netted them positive PR in these days of post Ferguson police scrutiny.

A video of Kansas City officers shaking it at a flash dance has gotten more than 200,000 hits so far, Deputy Chief  Robert Kuehl told the board of police commissioners.

They watched the clip, clapped loudly and Commission President Alvin Brooks gave a positive critique on it and racial progress.

“Culturally, it shows we’re coming closer together because a number of the officers of the lighter hue were in sync with the movement,” Brooks said.

Kuehl said his St. Patrick day began ominously at about 8 a.m. when he saw a man in a green hat throwing up in Midtown, but things went relatively sedately throughout the day.

“Each year it gets a little better,” he said.

People praised the police work, he said, in spite of the department issuing 227 parking tickets.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from the citizens in Westport,” he said. “In the kind of climate we’re in, it was kind of good to hear what they had to say.”


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