KC mayor issues World Series challenge to SF mayor

Mayor James has extended a “friendly mayoral wager” to San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee on the outcome of the World Series.

Mayor James says if….make that when the Royals take the crown, “Mayor Lee will travel to Kansas City to read to local students as part of the Turn the Page KC third grade reading initiative.  Additionally, he will send Humphry Slocombe ice cream and Boudin sourdough bread to Kansas City.”

The mayor says in the (unlikely…his words) event the Giants overcome the Royals, he will travel to San Francisco to sing with the Glide Ensemble and Change Band and serve meals to the homeless. Naturally, Kansas City barbeque is also included in the bet in addition to having Mayor Lee wear a Kansas City bowtie for one full day at the next US Conference of Mayors meeting.

Here’s more from a city press release:

“Coming off back to back sweeps of the Angels and the Orioles, the Royals show no signs of slowing down,” said Mayor James.  “We’ve waited 29 years for this and not even a Giant can stand in our way.  Our Royals are an elite group of players and are genuinely outstanding people and truly deserve to be world champions. Certainly, they already are in the minds and hearts of our community.”

“Again, for the third time in five years, San Francisco has turned Orange!” said Mayor Lee. “This improbable group of players refuses to quit, and whether they win ugly or win with walkoffs, it just keeps rolling. The Royals have been playing very well, but they’re no match for the arms of Bumgarner, Hudson, and Peavy or the timely hitting of Posey, Pence, Panik, and of course, NLCS hero Travis Ishikawa. I wish Mayor James and the Royals luck – they’ll need it against this magical 2014 Giants team.”

Mayor James is urging Royals fans and local businesses to show their pride in the American League Championship team by wearing blue or displaying signs, flags or any form of support for the hometown team. Royals banners have been scattered all across town and a total of eight fountains in the city have been turned blue.

Kansas City residents can also get in on the action by submitting their own #CatchKC video. More details 

Both Mayors urge all fans to treat each other with respect and to celebrate safely.

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