New five-year city business plan sets goals

business-planThe city council on Thursday passed a five-year business plan for the city, a fundamental change in city budget procedures.

The plan was shaped by officials and data sources that include input from interested citizens.

It projects expected revenue and city vision and goals and how the city will work toward them, said Councilwoman Jan Marcason, chair of the finance committee.

“We’re going to work systematically, data driven, toward these goals,” she said.

But at the same time, adjustments can be made in the budget each fiscal year with citizen input, she said. Budget procedures can be fine-tuned and people will be able to see how spending changes will affect the overall goals, she said.

The better planning process is a legacy from this council to citizens and to councils of the future, she said.


  1. Kurt Miller says:

    Where can a citizen get a copy of this forward thinking document online? I did not see a link in your story as to where to read the details. I am particularly interested in the WHAT are the goals and HOW do they plan to get there. It’s just filling in the numbers from there and we’ll see how realistic their plan actually is.

  2. Kurt:
    The finance department has the plan and other documents related to it on its website.

  3. Kurt Miller says:


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