KC drinking water may be funky in spring

faucetSpring is near, and so may be drinking water with funky smells and tastes and a greenish hue.

It’s all perfectly natural, Kansas City Water Services says in a press release.

The Missouri River, source of our drinking water, begins in the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

Spring rains, snowmelt and more make the river muddy and fill it with organic matter.

“Sometimes, this organic process can result in earthy and musty odors and other natural flavors, as well as a slight greenish tint in your drinking water,” Water Services says.

“These taste, odor and color changes are seasonal and predictable – they come and go, lasting a few weeks in the spring months each year.”

Water Services responds by adjusting the water treatment process and also monitors and tests regularly to make sure the water is safe, they say.

If you have questions about seasonal tastes, odor or color changes, you can contact the water services lab at 816-513-7000 or water.quality@kcmo.org.

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